Did I say once a week?

HAHAHA. At least I'm not too far off.

I went to go see Inception the other day and IT. WAS. INTENSE. One of my friends was laughing at me while I basically chewed my hands off in anticipation at one point. Also, Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes the name Arthur sexy. Does anyone else find him really attractive? Just me then? Okay. Anyway, I will probably see it again tonight, unless I see Charlie St. Cloud instead.
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Okay, so, going to try and get back on the ball with posting again. Seeing this journal dead makes me sad, even if no one reads it. I'm going to try and be active in communities and things again too, so maybe I'll make some new friends. I'm really going to try to update at least once a week. That being said, for my first post in almost a year (O_o), everyone needs to watch this:

I cried. Not kidding. His voice is so beautiful and this song is just too gorgeous. More than that though, here's the thing: after my uncle died, this was the first song I heard. I had my mp3 player on shuffle, and this was what came up. Now, I don't believe in God, but I know that that was no accident. I have no idea what the lyrics mean; I've never bothered to look them up. What I do know is that this song is special to me. It's the melody, it's his voice; it speaks of hope to me. Regardless of my own personal connection to the song though, I think everyone can appreciate how beautiful this song is and how perfectly Ryeowook's voice compliments it.
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I HAS NEW COMPUTER!!!!1!!!111!!!!!



I think I'm going to like Intro to Philosophy...

So, today was the first day back to classes and I had English and Philosophy. I'm glad I wasnt the only one in my English class who was retaking the course XDDD

I think my Philosophy professor though, is going to be my hero this semester. Just to give you an idea of how the semester started:

"Has anyone ever had a religious experience? Oh, come on. It didnt have to be something huge. The sky didnt open up, you didnt see Jesus in a burrito."


"Could we go there, to the Mayans, and tell them, convince them with our superior logic, that there is no causal relationship between good crops and dead babies?"

And listed as one of the possible reasons for an excusable absence on the sylabus is global thermonuclear warfare. There must, however, be documentation ^^

Also, he has a very nice ass. O__o

I think today was a good day XD
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I'm too sexy for ur skoolz XD

School starts back up tomorrow DX

I'm only taking 11 hrs this semester though, so hopefully I wont FAIL all over the place this time XD But, I have to get a job too, so... ^^;;;

My main binder for all of my paper and stuff has Kusano and Uchi on it and they make me SQUEE ^^ I missed Uchi~! I hope he goes back to both NewS and Kanjani8 (especially Kanjani8). I hope Notti comes back soon too, and I hope he also returns to NewS. It's not that I dont think they could make it solo, but hey, 8 is forever ^^

I have at least two other binders to decorate, and too many people to put on them: the remaining 12 members of NewS and Kanjani8, the 13 members of Super Junior and Henry Lau, the 5 members of Arashi, the 5 members of Big Bang, the 6 members of Battle, the 6 members of Shinhwa, the 5 members of F.T. Island, the 5 members of Kagrra, the 6 members of KAT-TUN, the 5 members of TVXQ, Miyavi, Lee Jun Ki, Tony Ahn, and a whole slew of Tenimyu actors and non-Tenimyu D-boys. Exciting, isn't it ^^

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Super Junior 100 Fics Challenge

Started: November 22, 2007

I swore to myself that I would resist the temptation...

Number Finished: 3/100

#1 - Freefall - Eeteuk/Kangin - on Dec.16, 2007

#5 - Overworked - Ryeowook/Kibum - on Dec. 16, 2007

#35 - Blind - Heechul/Siwon - on Nov. 23, 2007

#56 - Filth - Donghae/Ryeowook - on Nov. 28, 2007

#57 - Scales - Donghae/Kyuhyun - on Nov. 28, 2007

#85 - Ache - Shindong/Donghae - on Dec. 16, 2007
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Dude. It's only been like.... forever XD

I dunno what's with me and leaving this journal to rot, but really should stop doing it. Update on my life:

1) Richard came back, got settled in, got a job, went back to school, was awesome
2) Richard got kicked out, had to quit his job, had to drop out of school, had to move to Guthrie for Job Core. At least he's gonna get his education and job training. But I do miss him...
3) I do not miss high school XD
4) I have recently fallen in love with Kanjani8 and am going to see if I can get my mom to get me their new photobook for Christmas.
5) I am trying not to fall in love with Hey!Say!Jump! but they are so tiny and cute and sldkflakhdlfkj
6) I was totally supposed to do NaNoWriMo XDDDD
7) I got a haircut! I chopped it all off... again. I also dyed it dark brown. I look hot.

Somebody stop me from taking part in the Super Junior 100 fics challenge thing, plzkthx. Srsly, I'm supposed to be writing a paper. And a speech. Grades? Who needs grades? I'm prolly gonna do it anyway. XD


Happy Turkey Day!

But I dont want to clean my room


Richard is coming over to help me because, unlike most people, he likes to clean O____o

Anyway, I'm so happy that he's back. We went shopping and swimming and it's like no time passed at at all. I need to set up something for everyone to get together ^^;; Don't think I'll ask my mom right now though; she's not in a very good mood.

On a surprisingly even more distressing subject than cleaning...

Who the hell pays a small fortune for their porn?! Now, I read and write porn, but I've never really cared to watch it. However, I found this one set of DVDs with these guys, Ayumu and Tatsuya, that i want. Desperately. Each DVD has a retail price of 85 dollars. The site that I found them on sells them for 65 dollars. Who pays that much for their porn y'all?! 'awoefjsdfW'LASKJED;LFJWKELSKDHFSJLAKWEJDSFLKAJWKSlskajdfowejl;LKJSDFLkjfslkdjfoialk


Seriously though, Ayumu is like, the cutest thing I've ever seen
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koSE5zceSxk - Ayumu and Tatsuya @ karaoke (there is kissy near the end)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LlIP_k1IHs - Ayumu and Tatsuya being cute and kissy


I'm fine now.

My baby's coming back!

Richard is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cries big huge ginormous tears of ridiculously happy*

If everything works and he gets the money transfer and his bus ticket, he will be back on Monday~~~~ *cries some more*

btw, if you cant see the marqee-ing words, they say Richard's coming back in big, bold, pink lettering...

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Are we having fun yet? Yes. Yes, we are.

So I totally yoinked this meme from bitofajungle, who I love (I'm sure she's prolly pretty tired of hearing that XD)

Before you start, list any twelve people from any fandom(s):

1. Hwichan
2. Ryeowook
3. Kangin
4. Donghae
5. Chris
6. Hankyung
7. Eunhyuk
8. Eeteuk
9. Taehwa
10. Kihyun
11. Yesung
12. Lio

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